Cry Me A River

Somehow, I can’t even begin to care. The Iranians claim the movie is all propaganda spawned by “American cultural officials”. I don’t even know what an American cultural official is. Would the guy who hands out NEA grants qualify?

Anyhow, regardless of how Iranians feel slighted, let’s face facts. They’re complaining about a movie based on a comic book based on the Greek versions of history. The first half of that sentence alone should clue them in as to how ridiculous they sound. Secondly, how did they think they would come across? Positively? Yeah, that’s been a theme of works about Persia since the time of Herodotus, if you define ‘positively’ as ‘wrong side in a morality play’. You people are still bitching about how the losers in a 2500 year old war are portrayed? Get over it, you pathetic collection of wankers. Surely your government has other things to worry about, like whether or not the Israelis and/or Americans are going to blow up your reactors.

People need to grow thicker skins and quit fucking whining when somebody says something unpleasant about them.


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