Technologically Challenged?

Apparently, anthropologists think using terms like “Stone Age”, “primitive”, and “savage” to describe indigenous peoples with a low level of technological achievement is a bad thing. Of course, the Beeb, doing an excellent job of reporting, doesn’t tell me what I should be calling them instead. I could invent a euphemism like “marginally technically advanced” or “technologically challenged” but that seems like such work. I think I’ll keep on with Stone Age. I don’t much care if I hurt someone’s feelings, but y’all knew that already.

Besides, if they’re so tech deprived, it ain’t like they’re gonna show up at my front door to complain about what they read on the web. Even if they do show up, I’m not opening the door to some dude in a grass skirt with a bone in his nose carrying three javelins, an atlatl, and a stone dagger. That’s a “Honey, get the rifles” moment if ever there was one. Chumley will quickly find out why stone-tipped arrows lost out to full metal jacket the world over.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Better watch out. One of those Geico cavemen are going to come after you ;>)

12:58 PM  
Blogger T said...

Given the GEICO cavemen seem to be fond public opinion and squash rackets as weapons, I'm not terribly worried.

9:02 PM  

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