18 and Loaded

Yay! Once again, somebody has validated my prediction almost immediately. Yesterday, I mentioned the continuing infantilization of young adults. Today, SayUncle steps up to the plate and tries to knock one out of the park about how young adults are irresponsible asshats and not to be trusted.

Some folks are blaming the college for banning CCW holders from carrying there. Could have a point but the facts are that most college kids are just that: kids. Eighteen, nineteen and twenty year-olds can’t lawfully carry anyway. And, honestly, who wants a bunch of kids who are away from their home for the first time and who (like I did in college) are probably consuming a bit too much of, well, anything strapped? Armed staff is a better sell and, honestly, is probably a bit more responsible. Not to say that all college kids are irresponsible but that your average 18-20 something probably isn’t the best candidate for packing heat.

Hmm. Let me see, let me see. Can I think of a group of young adults in the 18 to 20 range that contradict the assertion? Hmmm. 18-20, away from home for the first time, packing heat. I’ve got it! How about these guys? Then there’s this fine group.

Now I don’t definitively know that any of the fine paratroopers and marines pictured are under the age of 20. However, I am completely certain that there is a fair number elsewhere under the age of 20 and toting loaded weapons on a daily basis.

Enough snark. My larger point remains. Either college students are adults and can be trusted with the rights and responsibilities of adulthood or they are not. We let them vote, we let them volunteer for service, but then we turn around and say “No pistol or CCW for you! You’re too irresponsible!” It is, quite frankly, bullshit. It stinks of half-measures to appease morons who don’t ever want their precious little babies to grow up and are incapable of realizing they have. Will some morons abuse the privilege? Yes. Is that a reason to inflict further nanny-state measures on everybody else? No.

I also disagree with SayUncle’s assertion that “everything has changed”. Things will only change for the worse if we, collectively, let them. Quit assuming it’s a foregone conclusion that more asinine laws will be passed because of the incident.

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