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I'm still a little confused by the election of Barack Obama. I share the viewpoint in which he is a political non-entity with barely enough experience to be a senator, much less the President. I attribute part of it to the fact he wasn't Bush, and part of it to the wierd cult of personality that built up behind the Obamarama. I also attribute the electoral results to the fact a vast number of my fellow Americans are dumb as rocks, but I attribute many, many things to that cause. General stupidity is such an accepted explanation around here it barely merits a lethargic "meh", much less a blog post.

Anyhow, I've heard a lot of people claim there's no cult, it's all based on issues and qualifications. To this I say: bollocks. As evidence for weird cult of personality, I give you this. And in conjunction with the picture, I'd like to ask: WTF? I mean, my fellow travelers are supposed to be the ones taking and advocating for the legalization of drugs, but I sure as hell didn't see artwork of Bob Barr and his moustache leading the faithful out of perdition while naked on the back of a dragon and smiting the statist bastards with hellfire and lightning. No, the donks are the ones making crazy posters.

Not everybody may have voted for the BO based on deranged hero-worship, but some of you sure as hell did.

Side note: How does a guy with two kids get to ride a unicorn? The classic unicorn can only be touched by a virgin. Unless the turkey baster is the preferred avenue of procreation in the Obama household, he don't qualify.

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