Royal Service

I recently ordered a rifle scope from formerly Great Britain. As I'm sure is customary, it was given to the Royal Mail for delivery. I was even provided with a tracking number. However, the tracking appears to end once it is handed off for overseas delivery to the US. This is a tad bit frustrating for an information junkie with web access at all times.

Basically, it disturbs me that daily updates of my item's progress are unavailable to me. Technology and UPS have spoiled me. Since no US dealers had any in stock, I guess I'm still ahead of the game if the US distributors had back-ordered and then shipped to me.

Of course, at this point, I'm wondering if it was passed off to carrier sloth. I got an SSR shipped from Hong Kong (for free, I might add) quicker than it's taken this to get to me. Certainly it's quicker to ship things from the UK to Texas than from China? Maybe not.

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