Slight Mistake

So, apparently Sonia Sotomayor doesn't quite understand the whole Constitutional law thingie we've got going on. Well, that's what Randy Barnett thinks, anyway. Key quote from the good professor:
This is both a grossly incorrect (and empty) understanding of the doctrine governing the protection of fundamental rights and an inaccurate statement of the precedents concerning the incorporation of the right to keep and bear arms into the Due Process Clause of the Constitution.
Hmm. So, refresh my memory. Why is she qualified to be on the Supreme Court? If her understanding is as limited as Professor Barnett thinks, why'd she get nominated?

Of course, I hold to the view, first articulated by others, that she is the least worst nominee we're going to get from the n00b. Any other SCOTUS nominee will be worse by an order of magnitude. As evidence, I point to the plethora of czarlets the new administration has created. None of them are subject to vetting, and the results are interesting. As an example, I give you the Science Czar.

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