Mystery Revealed

So, I now know why the shotguns. The Office of the Inspector General needs to replace their existing shotguns. Futher explanation and commentary can be found over here.

I have but two final thoughts. First off, the OIG uses their shotguns enough to wear them out? I think back to the clapped out Winchesters they gave us when I was a young lad in the military. The rattletrap boomsticks the Army had were wore the fuck out, and still considered usable. Education OIG must have some seriously thrashed shotties. This implies the guns are either older than dirt, like the Army ones. Or else they do a metric assload of training with them. In general, folks, guns are a durable good. You have to do some serious shooting to wear out a receiver. Yeah, you may need to swap out piece parts, but they last a long time.

Secondly, the Inspector General function of federal agencies is concerned with policing themselves. I'd much rather the feds spend their time pointing guns at each other than at the rest of us.

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