Dare Call It

A side interest of the larger and lumpier half of YPS has always been the study of the various and sundry conspiracy theories wafting through the breeze. My interest comes and goes, because my grip on reality is tenuous enough. Start wandering in the weeds out where the hardcore whackos live, and you run the risk of some of the crazy rubbing off. If you're like me, you already have a lifetime supply of paranoid suspicions and don't need anybody else's.

I bring this up because a couple of posts over at H&R recently have brought conspiracies back up. Both posts are worth reading, as are the linked articles. The brain tries very hard to impose order, even on things that have no order. Use this knowledge wisely. Or start a cult. Whatever works.

And since it was brought up in the comments, I bring you one of the greats of the Internet, still as crazy as ever: TimeCube!

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