Get Another Job

The TSA employees apparently feel they are performing a valuable public service. Their delicate little feelings get hurt when the individual they are molesting calls the poor dear a molester. This makes the TSA agents sad.

Well, poor government drone, you have no right to a job where your feelings don't get hurt. In fact, you have no right to a job with the TSA. So if you don't want people to accurately describe what you're doing to them, I suggest you find another line of work.

I hear McDonald's may be hiring. You'll even get to wear a uniform, and the public will hold you in slightly greater esteem.

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Veterans' Day 2010

It is once again that day set aside to commemorate the veterans of military service and (originally) the end of the War to End All Wars. We all know how well that second bit turned out, since our prior governments rather neatly set up the circumstances for the sequel.

In any event, go out and say something nice to a veteran. They'll probably appreciate it.

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Behold The Power Of Cheese

I'd point and laugh at all the people who are currently deeply disappointed in the election results, but I am preparing for travel. I depart later today to the frozen North, where I shall venture behind the Cheese Curtain in search of equipment.

So when you run across people wailing and crying about the election, just pretend I said something appropriately snide. I'm sure someone will come out and say something jaw-droppingly, gob-smackingly retarded about the election soon enough, if they haven't already.

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