Welcome to Bizarro World

I don't expect any better, but it doesn't prevent me from wanting to vent about it nonetheless.

It has been for a long time established, that aside from the great American geographical parentheses (East & West Coasts), Democrats have to lie to win elections. The second a Democrat becomes honest about what it wants to do once elected, it goes down in electoral flames. So you only very rarely hear words from campaigning Democrats about raising your taxes, controlling everything you eat, dictating your health care/killing your Grandma, or promoting the murder of every unborn black child possible.

The national media has obviously grasped this problem the rest of us seem to have with its ideology, and has learned to diligently and tightly control the portrayal of its candidates to make sure even their past statements aren't publicized or even questioned. Once elected, however, when our new plucky Donk elected official sets out to do exactly the opposite of what it campaigned to do, and the masses inevitably complain, these same "news" readers preach to all of us about the "will of the people", "mandates to govern", and "how elections matter." Said complainers are then portrayed as extremists, nut jobs, and terrorists.

And yet, when anyone who opposes this ideology runs on a specific issue, manages to get elected despite the typical advocacy and propaganda against him or her, and then sets out to do exactly as promised, this person is denounced as a dictator, little Hitler, and some how acting against the will of the people. How in the hell does that work? If I tell you what I'm going to do, survive the rampant media editorializing against me, win my election, and then do what I promised, aren't I engaging in honest governing according to an actual mandate? Well not according to our wannabe betters. Those 23 hired hands who are bussed in from out of town to set things on fire and advocate the lynching of black officials are just our honest neighbors who may be forced to starvation if we all don't agree to make sure they can retire at 50 on 3 times what we all currently make. The honest person in this equation is always the bad guy.

Hmmph...I guess I could've turned this post into a tweet: The left constantly projects its own attitudes and behavior onto the right.

That stated, I hope those who are actually trying to solve problems like Scott Walker, Chris Christie, and Rick Scott don't relent and don't let the bastards get them down. Lord knows they get me down.


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