Via the always informative Tam I came across this lovely story. In no particular order, I draw three lessons from this tale:

Don't carry a Glock.
Unreinforced leather is bad, mmkay?
Fix what's broken, instead of working around it.

That last one there? That, to me, is the critical one that (literally) bit this gentleman in the ass. The other two are, while sub-optimal in my opinion, perfectly survivable without injury for many people.

I work in industrial plants, and have ever since I graduated from college. Before college was 6 years in the Army on full-track combat vehicles. I have spent the entirety of my adult life around equipment which will fold, spindle, and multilate your tender self if you are not careful. A lot of accidents happen because something breaks and the operators find a work-around for the malfunction. That's okay, if they notify somebody and it gets fixed reasonably promptly. When your work-around becomes an accepted fact of life and never gets fixed, sooner or later it'll bite somebody. If you're lucky, it just affects equipment and nobody gets hurt. If you're not lucky? Well, somebody gets to make an unpleasant phone call to the next of kin.

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Blogger TheWayfarer said...

Then of course you have the "hey y'all, wawch thiyis!!!" set that can't grok the concept a gun is a WEAPON, not a toy & must be handled with fitting respect.

4:20 PM  

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