Links: 2015.10.14

 Paid family leave championed by Democrats actually hurts women's career prospects.
Yet another epic fail of leftist/progtard/socialist policy. These consequences are not unintended.

Proxy war between US and Russia Continues.
I hate that I have to use the words "Mitt Romney was right."

DNC Chair not sure if her kids were human before birth.
Given she can't tell us the difference between Democrats and Socialists, this isn't surprising.

UT Mascot Bevo XIV to be immediately retired after Cancer Diagnosis.
In other news, there is a Bevo En"cow"ment.

Reason TV Gives us 5 Steps to a Gun Free America.
Bullets first, bitches.

Judicial Watch Does the Justice Department's Job
More of the Clintons' conflicts of interest are exposed and a DC court finally orders the departments of Justice and State to stop stalling FOIA requests.

Ready for Hillary...to be prosecuted.


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