Links: 2015.10.15

Denny's website is a visual nightmare, but the blog is just surreal.
Seriously, WTF Denny's?

Rand Paul is going Nowhere.
Don't believe the hype.

The House of Representative suit against the Obama Administration will go forward.
So we wait for another opinion full of verbal acrobatics justifying why the courts keep propping up this unconstitutional travesty.

Profile of David Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress.
This is the guy who blew Planned Parenthood's baby parts trafficking wide open.

Bloomfield, IL Doctor being investigated for performing abortions out of the trunk of his car.
This piece of human garbage was hauling jars of dead baby parts in his car. The abortion industry is sick, ugly, and wrong.  Kermit Gosnell was not an isolated incident.


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