Links: 2015.10.29

Apparently the debate last night was a left-wing bias attack fest.
And Ted Cruz may have earned himself a permanent spot in the top tier.
The RNC keeps laying down with these old infected whores and continues to be surprised when they wake up with STDs and their wallets missing.  Ted Cruz apparently called them all out last night.  I'm waiting on the donk debate on Fox moderated by Hannity, Napolitano, and Van Sustren (which is never going to happen), but that's the equivalent of what the Republicans submit themselves to in every one of these debates on liberal networks.  I'm giving them Van Sustren because they gave us Hugh Hewitt once, even if they effectively neutered him.

Rand Paul plans to filibuster the budget deal.
I'm interested in which Republicans think giving President Obama unlimited borrowing capabilities is a good idea?

American Education vs. The American People
The Government got involved, and now College is both more ineffective and more expensive than ever.

Progressivism comes full circle, and bites itself in the ass.
We've allowed these people to so infantilize our young people that they're now injured by everything they hear.  Free speech suppression for all!


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