Links: 2015.11.19

The Washington Post breaks down from where the Clinton's $3B comes.
Remember folks, they're broke.  I'm ready for Hillary alright, to be convicted and go to prison.

8 Syrians caught in Laredo
Just doing jobs Americans won't do...

It doesn't matter, because ISIS is already here.
There's no way to vet Syrian refugees.   Yes, your government lies again.

About a Quarter of British men believe they  have "man periods"
When you guys start experiencing a monthly bleed out your orifices, let's talk.

More people sending their "acts of love" unaccompanied across the border.
Syrians aren't all that's coming into America illegally.

Roman/Pagan Basilica open to public.
Archaeology is cool.

If only President Obama condemned Islamic Terrorists with the same vitriol as he does his political opposition.  On the other hand, I'm sure Muslim kooks enjoy being told by this idiot what they believe and represent about as much as I do.  Respect your political betters, peon.


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