Muslim terrorists shoot up a Christmas party in San Bernardino.  Obama doesn't let the bodies get cold before he starts lecturing us about giving up our guns, except, people don't shoot up places where people shoot back.

Sandy Berger, former Clinton NSA advisor is dead at 70. Famous for stealing top secret documents from the national archives, stuffing them in his undies, and stashing them at a construction site, he's just another casualty in the Clinton trail of destruction.

Iraqi Christians believe President Obama is actively supporting the Islamic State.  So do must Americans...

Houston is both the paisley and the zombie capital of America according to Spoonflower.  See what types of fabrics your town buys here.

Another lefty hypocrite pledges his stock to charity to make the "world a better place", actively engages in tax avoidance.
The super wealthy generally don't generate their income from wages, so they don't pay income taxes like the rest of us.   I have nothing against wealthy people and admire them for their industriousness; however, stop preaching to the rest of us about what you don't do.

The National Video Game Museum will be opening in Frisco, TX. Do with that whatever you want.


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