Reflections of an Election (Republican Primary Addition)

I early voted early a couple of days ago.  I’m in Texas, so our official primary is the 1st of March.  My current Congress Critter is Sheila Jackson Lee, which is its own post for another day.  My closest early voting location is Acres Homes, which is the type of area whose occupants believe SheJack works for THEM.  A Republican in surrounding precincts might see 4% on a very very good election day.   In most cases, Donks get 98-99% of the vote.  There is a great deal of fraud; 16 voters registered to vacant lots who all vote with identical signatures, that sort of thing.  Anyway, it was the middle of the day, but there was still a fairly moderate crowd.  I was one of 2 white chicks in the polling location, and get this.  Not one person was voting in the Democrat primary.  To me that was so strange, and I don't know what to make of it.  I’m still trying to work that one out.  Maybe the commie vs. felon just isn't an interesting race to them?  I hope they’re not all lining up Trumpeting.

No secret, my first choice candidate was Rand Paul.  Senator Paul dropped out, and halting the Trump train (this basically covers what I think of Trump and his supporters) is a big priority for me, so I voted for Ted Cruz.  I think he's the best of what's left.  I respect Senator Cruz because he has done what he said he would do as a Senator in Texas.  Yes, that includes trying to shut down the government, which most Texans think is a good idea.  All the things everyone says about Cruz, "he has no friends, nobody likes him, he’s an ideologue, he doesn’t get along", etc. are endorsements to me, not negatives.  I really don't want anyone who cozies up to the slime of DC.  And, even including Rand Paul, it is my opinion that Ted Cruz is definitely the smartest guy out there.  I very much enjoy watching him take lefties apart at the seams.  Ted Cruz knows how to reject and deconstruct a faulty premise like no one I’ve ever seen, and he’s about as close to a constitutionist as we’re going to get this election cycle, in the absence of Rand Paul.

That stated, if the canned ham now known to me as Marco Rubio Marco Rubio gets the nomination, I'll vote for him in the general, but I still don't know if I can make myself vote Trump.  To stop Hillary…ugh...maybe, but really?  Why do we always end up this way?  Ever notice how the Clintons can always find a chaos candidate to split Republicans every time one of them runs?  And Republicans are so stupid they always seem to fall right for it.  I’ve voted Libertarian in the last 2 elections, but I don’t think the climate is such that it’s productive to do it again.  Yeah, I'm torn.  Convince me, I guess.

I’ve seen a lot of commentary from Rubio Rubio supporters claiming Cruz should drop out so the conservative vote can consolidate against Trump.  I think the Rubio Rubios are delusional.  Cruz has actually won one of these things and has been awarded more delegates than Rubio Rubio, so in what sane universe does the #2 guy drop out and cede to the #3 guy in the race?  So far, Cruz has a 1,2,3,3, and Rubio Rubio has a 3,3,2,2, so who is the top guy here?  Rubio Rubio has been so pumped up for losing elections, I'd say at this point he's an honorary millennial.  No thanks, Rubio Rubio, if someone drops, it should be you.  You've got plenty of life left to rehearse some new sound bites to repeat.


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