As Usual, NBC Sucks...

Just in case anyone is looking for a full Olympic TV schedule, you can find it here. Don't bother with NBC. It is bad enough these blowhards are going to ruin perfectly good sports coverage with irrelevant fluffy news stories, but they don't even give you a clear layout of when you can watch the stupid fluff with sports interruptions. Thanks for the schedule, ESPN.


Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

I live on the west coast of the United States, and therefore normally never see live broadcasts. Everything's on tape delay. Even events that are shown live in the east are shown here on tape delay. Even events that are actually taking place on the west coast are shown here on tape delay.

Sporting events are the major exception to this rule. Usually, we get to watch a sporting event as it actually happens.

The Olympics are the exception to the exception. (Another one, oddly enough, is certain L.A. Lakers games.) If something is taking place at 4:00 am local time, you often won't see it until 18 hours later.

Since the events aren't shown live, NBC has the chance to, uh, "improve" the coverage. Let's not show the entire event; let's just show portions of the event. And let's add some up close and personal segments. Cue John Williams.

Let's just read the scores on the Internet and ignore the coverage....

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