Third Rate Celebrities

Elizabeth Hasselbeck (sp?) is currently on stage at the Pachyderm Passion Pit. I think she is the counterpoint to Dog Show Boy's appearance at the Donkfest. She's got a pet issue of breast cancer, which I won't denigrate. It's a worthy cause. Earlier we were treated to a musical guest named Dana Glover (no relation to Danny, apparently).

Who the hell are these people? I realize I could Google them and find out, but that runs counter to my point. These celebrities are not the A-list. I'm not sure what letter these folks would be. F? G? I think this brings home the point that Hollywood is overwhelmingly liberal, doesn't it? People would appear here if they didn't fear for their careers, I'm guessing.

The only entertainment name I recognize is Toby Keith. I think I heard he was performing, anyway. I may be wrong. I'm not a big country music listener.

Update: Daize Shayne? I don't live under a rock. I listen to a wide variety of music. Yet I have no earthly idea who this craptacular performer (band?) is. Google tells me she's a surfer and wanna-be rock star. Stick with the surfing. You can't possibly be as bad at it.


Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

There are obviously two sides to the conventions - the public view and the private view.

The public view is the task of filling the hours with entertainers (i.e. Arnold Schwarzenegger) that will get the public to tune in and watch the proceedings. It's important to have the slew of entertainers cover every conceivable graphic ("Karl, can you find me a lesbian Buddhist country singer that will appeal to Ohio voters?").

The private view is the mysterious platform, written by anonymous people, that will be approved without debate. However, I'm unclear as to whether a gay abortion doctor who illegally immigrates from Mexico will be welcomed or deported.

2:24 PM  
Blogger T said...

If the national convention is anything like the state convention, the dog and pony show commences after the real work gets done. At the state convention, the actual writing of the platform is done during the week (Monday through Thursday) and the Convention is the Friday and Saturday. So by the time the vast majority of the delegates show up, the heavy lifting is done. Unless you (as a delegate) take the whole week off to go voice your opinion, you only see what the commitee has produced on Friday.

As for the hypothetical doctor? I haven't read this year's platform yet, but I'm guessing he's going back.

5:01 PM  

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