Avian Insanity

Well, it’s that time when we clap our hands and shout with glee, because we can return to one of our favorite things here at YPS: mocking dumbasses. Today’s victim? Our old target, Sen. Robert Byrd (D-Aryan Nation).

As near as I can tell, Sen. Byrd is insane rambling in his unique fashion about the possibility of a rule change in the Senate. So what does he decide to call Republicans? Nazis! Yay! This from the only Senator who used to be in the KKK. I guess he’d know what the Nazi philosophy concerning untermenschen and mud people is, right? He’s got more of a practical grasp on using violence and the threat of violence to intimidate political opponents than any other Senator. Or was he in the reformed non-violent wing of the Klan? Some days it’s all too comical.

Just remember, though, that in Sen. Byrd’s worldview using the procedural rules of a legislative body to amend those rules is akin to beating up political opponents, setting government buildings on fire, and the overt use of violence to achieve your political ends. It’s an interesting world he lives in, but I’m glad I never have to go there.


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