Labor Daze

So the concept of “weekend” originally involved something along the lines of time to have off from work and enjoy the fruits of your labor. I dimly recall that at some point in my life that’s what I did, but only dimly. Lately, it’s been work on the house on our days off.

That’s why no posting yesterday. Yesterday was visits from electricians, general contractors, and the guys to clean the carpet and couches. Plus, the continuing saga of refinishing the kitchen cabinets and a trip to the storage unit to offload more stuff so YPS Manor doesn’t look like it’s inhabited by drunk bibliophiles. (Which it is, but that might creep people out when they’re shopping for a house.) In other words, a whole lot of work goes on over the weekend. When I come in to work on Mondays, I can sit down in a reasonably comfy chair for long periods of time. I don’t get to do that on weekends.

Anyhow, today is International Eat an Animal for PETA. Laurence Simon is encouraging everyone to go to the Ragin’ Cajun. His theory seem to be that on a per animal basis, you eat more of the animal this way. My only quibble? I don't think crawfish are animals. Aren't they arthropods or something vaguely insectoid? Due to my extreme irritability, anti-social nature, and the fact that the RC is ass and gone from both the house and work, I won’t be there. However, the food is good and you might think about checking it out.


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