Spark + Gunpowder = Rapid Combustion

Damn. What's with all the gun posts lately? I'm starting to wonder if I'm obsessing or if this is just the residual effects of the NRA convention. I only picked up about four hundred and eleven pounds of literature from just about every manufacturer there. The catalogs, et al., are still sitting around cluttering up YPS Manor. It's starting to annoy J, too, so I'd better do something with all of it. Anyhow, if this keeps up, I'm going to have to submit some posts to the Carnival of Cordite or something.

Today's fun link comes to us courtesy of Reason. We have a “debate” between four people, only one of whom I have ever heard of. I think I can summarize the debate in a lot less bandwidth than it took Reason.

Abigail Kohn: Can't we all just get along? Nobody is trying to take your guns, so chill out a little. You anti-gun people could be nicer, you know. You gun folks should support crime control and play nice with the ATF.

Don Kates: They're not trying to take our guns!?! Are you even listening to these people? How do we compromise with statist gun-grabbers?

Wendy Kaminer: Why should gun-control advocates compromise? The NRA is a pawn of the Republican party and doesn't worry about things other than gun ownership! Besides, David Koresh got killed resisting the government and you will too, if it comes to that.

Michael Krauss: Thanks for noticing gun owners aren't psycho, Abigail. By the way, there's still a lot of places in the US where gun control exists and doesn't work. Not everybody can exercise their Second Amendment rights, so the right isn't secure.

Abigail Kohn: Wow, you people really don't like each other much. Please, can't we all just get along? For the children?

Or maybe there was some nuance in there I missed? I'm not thinking there was, but I could be wrong.


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