CD22 Update: DeLay For Congress...For Now

Judge Sam Sparks just ruled that Tom DeLay must remain on the November ballot. The RPT plans to appeal the decision, and I just heard Rush comment that the donks have just been "handed" this congressional seat.

Not so fast, ladies and gentlemen.

The Republican voting strength in this district was reduced by redistricting, not eliminated. Even if the final ruling keeps DeLay on the ballot, don't be surprised if he wins the seat anyway. We're not New York folks, we don't like commies and we don't like carpetbaggers. Nick Lampson is all that, and a bag of very stale tofu crackers. He's going to have an almost impossible time winning this seat, regardless of court outcome, $2 million in the bank or not.

Chris has a nice summary of what is up with the entire case.

I still can't help but be amused because they've sued for what they can't win by popular vote, and they're still not going to win it regardless. The Democrat ass is just so much more appropriate today than even usual.


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