Idiots Out Wandering Around Vote

So, does one vote in a caucus? I really can’t tell. Anyhow, the nice people at MSNBC had the first decent breakdown I could find of the results.

On the efenant side:

  • Huckabee 34%
  • Romney 25%
  • Thompson 13% (15,521 votes)
  • McCain 13% (15,248)
  • Paul 10%
  • Giuliani 3%
  • Hunter 0% (515 votes statewide)

On the donk side:

  • Obama 38%
  • Edwards 30%
  • Clinton 29%
  • Richardson 2%
  • Biden 1%
  • Dodd 1%

I, of course, have grand thoughts on what it all means. On the efenant side, Giuliani is gonna be done if he can’t pull some better numbers in NH. I will shed no tears. Giuliani is a repulsive little wanna-be tinpot dictator. The only way he should be in the White House is on a tour. From these results, the nomination comes down to Romney or Thompson. McCain is unelectable, in my opinion. Enough of the base loathes him to make it a long shot at best. Hunter always was unelectable, as is Paul, although I’m still voting for the doctor. Huckabee is frankly a fluke, because as everybody and their dog has pointed out by now, he is not a conservative in any meaningful sense of the word. He’s a big government evangelical. He will also get beat like a drum if he gets the nomination.

On the donk side, coming in third has to hurt Hilary. The fact that Edwards came in second suggest some interesting things to me about Iowa politics, but nationally I don’t see him doing well. It may be that Obama gets the nod. I don’t know if he can win. I still think a lot of people are not ready to vote for a black president. I’m not ready to vote for a pandering socialist who wants to expand the power and scope of the government, so that scuttles me voting for anybody on the donk side. Actually, it knocks out most of the efenant side as well.

Shitty election season all the way around for people like me. But then, they usually are.



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