New Year

So, I think this marks the official first post of the new year, unless you subscribe to some alternate calendaring methodology, in which case I can't help you. A bleak, but possibly accurate, view of the coming year can be found here. Nothing like jokes about babies drinking whiskey to start the year off right.

So, what does the year have in store? Rumor has it a new President will be sworn in soon. I remain dubious the change promised will be anything needed. Already cabinet picks are dropping out to spend more time with their ethical lapses families. After all, we wouldn't want the Obamarama to be tainted by the past actions of his cabinet. Let's wait until after the 20th and he can be tainted by the current actions of his shiny new cabinet.

In other news, my Longhorns are playing Ohio State tonight. I fully expect Texas to win. I will not rehash the patently absurd BCS rankings which brought us to this point. I will instead hope that Oklahoma gets the ass-whuppin' they so richly deserve.

I'm still processing the remainder of last year, so other deep thoughts will have to wait.

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