No Ports?

I've got a $300 netbook from Acer. It has 3 USB ports, 2 SD cards slots, an Ethernet jack, plus headphone and mic ports. Oh, yeah, it also has a camera and a 160 Gb hard drive.

Apple's newest internet appliance named after a feminine hygiene product has the headphone jack. Oh, yeah, and Apple's magical dock connector. USB port? That's a dongle. SD Card slot? That's a different dongle. Power supply? Uses the same 30 pin connector. So, I can have a USB device, an SD card, or the power hooked up at any one time. Nice. I guess I don't want to hook a USB device up while I'm charging. Why would I? It has 10 hours of battery life, after all.

Magical, Apple says.

All I can say is that touchscreen better make up for a multitude of sins and the UI had better be fan-farking-tastic. Otherwise, I'll stick with my netbook and my iPhone.



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