Free Mojtaba, Free Arash, Free them all!

Today is "Free Mojtaba and Arash Day" on behalf of Arash Sigarchi (yes I know the link is broken) and Mojtaba Saminejad, who were arrested by the Iranian authorities for...well...blogging. Yes, they were arrested for blogging, and, sadly, today, Arash Sigarchi has been "convicted" and sentenced to 14 years in prison...for blogging. Yep...just blogging.

It seems like a coin toss may be the easiest means to decide who we hit next, Iran or Syria...both have it coming. Events like this further exemplify to me the lack of credibility of idiots like Sean Penn, Barbra Streisand, and Susan Sarandon who constantly whine (on TV, the internet, and in newspapers) about the suppression of free speech in America. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the true, ugly, face of oppression.


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