From the "Duh" Files...

Orrin Judd linked to an article by some flip-top about the differences between the US and Canada. The headline gives his answer away: "U.S. is better than Canada".

Umm, yeah, and your point would be? I'm not slamming Canada here. (Well, not much anyway.) If Canada is so wonderful, why do so many Canadians end up here in the States looking for work? Most of them find it, too, at substantially higher wages. For as long as I can remember, Canadian national identity seems to have been subsumed into a sort of vague anti-Americanism along the lines of "We're Canadian because we're not American!" Which, while true, is not what I'd call informative. I lump Canadians into the vast majority of the rest of the world when it comes to this issue. Other countries have many desirable features and assets. However, taken in the aggregate, the US is the has the best combination of advantages and the least worst liabilities. Apparently, a whole bunch of other people seem to think so, since people keep coming here.


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