One of the unfortunate side effects of J being the precinct chair is that random people will occasionally call her about party business. Tonight's phone call is a local businessman who is contemplating a run for office. He is calling J because he called the local efenants and they gave him our number. He sounds like a very nice man, but he is trying to condense his entire life story and achievements into this phone call in addition to explaining why he wants to run for office and thinks he's qualified. All at the same time, I might add. He hasn't explained yet what office he wants. He's a little unsure and a tad bit confused. As a result, he sounds like a deranged whack-job.

I know all this because our cordless phones sound like crap if you actually hold them up to your ear, but are great speakerphones. So every conversation at YPS Manor is on a speakerphone.

Anyhow, most days I tend towards the idea that anybody that wants to run for office should be disqualified on that grounds alone. This conversation is doing nothing to dispel that belief.


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