The NFL's 1,211 most "Naughty"

This is some absurdly hilarious shit. Apparently it all began when Randall Gay's LSU Theater Professor attempted to order an NFL customized jersey with his former student's name on the back. His request for a jersey with the name "Gay" on the back was denied, because (and these are the NFL's words not mine), "This field should not contain a naughty word." The professor, after speaking with a few folks at the NFL shop, did get his jersey, and the NFL site has since changed its response to "The personalization entered cannot be accepted."

One of the more hilarious aspects of this whole deal is that the NFL won't accept "Gay" on a jersey, but it will accept "Gay Nazi". You can't buy a jersey with words like "Balls", "Cock", "Penis", "Lesbian", or "Homo", but you can have the jersey with "Ballsy", "Cocks", "Penises", and "Fag". Oh, and if you want that special "Hitler", "Bin Laden", or "Al Qaeda" jersey...no problem!

I know you want to know...Oh yeah, there's more...actually there are 1,211 more. Here
are the 1,211 "Naughty" words that the NFL won't let you use on a customized jersey.


Blogger T said...

Okay, I'm looking at this list and I notice a few oddities. I can't do ASS MUNCH or CARPET MUNCH, but apparently I can do BUTT MUNCH.

I also find it peculiar that KUMQUAT and all realted variations is a forbidden word in the NFL's eyes. Am I missing something? Why is a small citrus fruit a naughty word?

Finally, ASSHAT is allowable. Good thing, too, since it works to describe most of the players.

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