We went to see what is hopefully the first installment of the Chronicles of Narnia yesterday. Overall, a pretty good effort. The special effects were lacking in some spots, but overall worked out pretty well. I also have to admit I was surprised right before the Witch sacrifices Aslan on the Stone Table. I didn't expect to see a shaved pussy in a PG rated movie. Okay, horrible innuendo aside, I was impressed and I hope they make enough money to continue. I think the series may prove problematic, simply because there isn't any central character that runs through all the books. The lack of a continuous story arc may baffle the movie-going public at some point. The movie is good clean family fun, notwithstanding the aforementioned cat. I recommend it if you've read the books. They didn't do a hack job anywhere and were pretty faithful to the source. I don't have any idea how it works if you haven't read the books.


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