So, like all good obsessive bloggers, I check my referral logs. Since I'm too lazy to implement trackback or any other spiffy features, it's pretty much the only way I find out who links to me. I suppose I could check Technorati once in a while...

Anyhow, I've been getting lots of hits lately from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. My only response to this, much like many other things in life, is: huh? What on earth in our lovely internet home could possibly be of interest to Norwegian college students? If Norwegian college students are like American ones, the primary interests are drinking and sex. We don't cover much of either here.

Shit, it's not like I blog about work, which is the only connection I have with Norway and/or Norwegians. I didn't have anything to do with the last Statoil project and it's been years since I dealt with Norsk Hydro. All things considered, I can't possibly imagine why Norwegians would read YPS. I hope y'all aren't coming here for insight into how Americans think, because damn few think like we do.

All I really know about Norway is that it's cold and Scando. I don't study up on the cold places much, because I hate cold. It's a balmy 79 degrees here today, and that's just how I like it. ( That's 26 degrees for you Celsius types.) Compare that to the current 32 degrees in Stavanger and Trondheim. (0 in Celsius) Screw that noise. That's cold. Y'all should move someplace warm, unless you actually like the cold. In which case, you're insane. Thanks for stopping by anyway.


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