YPS Manor: Recap of 2005

So yeah I know it has been many many months since I've posted. I checked, it was the 4th of July actually. And no, I didn't declare independence from YPS. I do actually have good reasons, besides having little to say. 2005 got surprisingly hectic for me, so here's the recap.

I filed for a Catholic annulment of my first marriage. I may or may have mentioned it, but I had a practice marriage (PM) before my real marriage (to T). The PM lasted 6 months and there are no children. The ex has a child by his current wife and isn't Catholic, and yet he petitioned the Church that the annulment shouldn't be granted. Go figure. But, when the respondent disagrees, it takes time. I hope to have an initial decision soon.

All the while, I dealt with illness, surgery, and recuperation. Yes I am better. Whether I am fully recovered will be discovered in the next month or so. We'll see...

Shortly after recovering from surgery, Hurricane Katrina hit. I have family friends in St. Bernard Parish, and anyone who knows the area knows it was one of the hardest hit. We gave all the aid and comfort we could to our friends, who lost absolutely everything. The good news is that they've all returned to the area to rebuild their homes and lives. That is the story no one hears.

After Katrina, Hurricane Rita left her trail of destruction along the Eastern Texas/Western Louisiana border. We chose to not evacuate as most of our friends did, and to our benefit. Unfortunately, I saw the devastation first hand as my very elderly Grandparents were right in her path. There was no power in the area so we sheltered them until the power was repaired. It took a while, but they're fine, as is possible.

Then came the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas were fine, and here we are in 2006.

I resolve to post more, but let's face it, I'm just not as interesting as T.


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