The Race for DeLay's Seat Begins

This bit arrived in my e-mail box this morning from current Houston Councilwoman Shelly Sekula-Gibbs.

Dear Republican Leaders,
You are warmly invited to join me at my home for coffee to discuss my bid for the Republican Party nomination for Congressional District 22. For the last five years I have had the honor of representing many of you as an At-Large Member of the Houston City Council. Now I am seeking to become your nominee to fill the open seat keep a conservative voice in Congress. Once again, I need and welcome your support.

I commit to all of you that if I am chosen to be your Congress member I will continue to work hard on matters of importance to District 22:

  • Solving Immigration without Amnesty
  • Strengthening Homeland and Border Security
  • Protecting Life and the Family
  • Preserving Ellington Field for Local and National Defense
  • Supporting NASA / Johnson Space Center
  • Replacing the Income Tax with a Fair Tax
  • Working with the Texas Medical Center to Advance Research and Biotechnology
  • Preserving the Right to Bear Arms
  • Bringing Federal Dollars Home for Transportation, Clean Air, Flood
    Prevention and Health Care
  • Fighting Child Pornography

With your help and my track record of success and leadership, I truly believe that I am the right choice to beat Liberal Democrat Nick Lampson in November.

Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, M.D.
Candidate for Congress
District 22

For the record, I will not be attending this event. Dr. Sekula is an opportunist twit, who, if she becomes the nominee will not get my vote. She originally ran as Shelly Sekula-Rodriguez, who didn’t actually pick up the “Rodriguez” until it became politically expedient, much like Hillary and the surname Clinton. When her late husband, who was a local television broadcaster, was alive, she never used his name. She only became Dr. Rodriguez after she thought it might get her a couple of Latino votes. It is apparent that she has now remarried.

Further, this woman cannot discuss potholes downtown without bringing up the fact that she's a doctor, much like the imbecile John Kerry, Vietnam Veteran or Bill Frist, the perennial annoying heart surgeon. She’s a dermatologist for crying out loud, which yes, requires a medical degree, but no, doesn’t place her exactly at the top of the medical food chain. Plus, if she was that good at it, why isn't she still doing it? And as similarly annoying as John McCain, she loves the sound of her own voice, but in a more filibustery, grating Susan Collins kind of way. Yuck.


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