So, the cops in NOLA we all watched help loot a Wal-Mart on television? They weren’t really looting. At least, that’s the conclusion of the NOPD internal investigation. You see, the cops were told by other cops that they could take shit.

Okay, I call shenanigans. You and the rest of your cop buddies do not get to sit down and decide which laws apply to you and which laws don’t. You are subject to the exact same laws as the rest of us. If you don’t want to get busted, don’t break the law. If you do, in times of emergency, find it necessary to violate the law, you get to go up in front of a grand jury just like the rest of us. If the DA decides not to prosecute, good on you. If he does, tough shit. Don’t want to be a felon? Uphold the law. In case you forgot, that is your fucking job. I guess we can add to the list of NOLA officials that need to be fired for being incompetent asshats.


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