Plantronics: A Story of Consumer Satisfaction...So Far...

So all of us are fairly guilty of being the first to bitch and moan to our pals when a company's product doesn't work properly, or when a company treats us poorly or provides bad customer service. I'm going to counter that today with a story about a good product and excellent service.

A little background for you. At the end of December T and I both renewed our mobile plan, and purchased new phones and headsets. We both bought lovely
Motorola Razrs and nifty Plantronics headsets.

Both the phones and headsets have operated famously and we have been happy with our purchases. Then yesterday, tragedy occurred. I unknowingly dropped my Plantronics unit in the parking lot. A coworker brought it to our receptionist saying she had found it, and the receptionist, recognizing it immediately, brought it to me. It had been run over by a car. I have to say it was beat to hell, but overall in not bad condition given that the thing is a 1/3 oz worth of plastic. But still, it was done.

So today, I decide to call Plantronics to find out if I might be able to purchase only the headset unit and not the practically new charger and case stuff that I already have. I told the nice lady on the phone my story, she put me on hold, returned, and explained that if I'll complete the online warranty form, and box up the entire unit (case, charger, and all), they'll send me a new one. Now how sweet is that?

So, today my moral is: buy Plantronics. They stand behind their equipment above and beyond expectations. I never expected my carelessness to be covered by their warranty.

Now, I'll follow up later to let everyone know how it goes.


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