Letter From Iraq

I recently received this correspondence from a friend of mine who is currently working for KBR in Iraq.

It is sad to say that this part of the world will not change until a generation of kids learns what freedom is. The religious and political leaders in the Middle East know that they can only control the people if they are kept poor and uneducated. If there is ever a generation of kids that learn what life can be with an education and good job then it will most likely be the fall of Islam as they know it.

There are very few craftsmen in this country or at least I have never seen one. The people are only good for labor. Saddam kept them without for so long that they only know how to steal and barely get by. A man that can use his hands to make a living will always be able to provide for his family. These people are amazed at some of the things I have shown them. The simplest technology is usually out of their comprehension.

This just represents a perspective I have not read or heard anywhere.


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