RIAA Extra Guilty

I got J an MP3 player for Valentine’s Day. I, being foolish, thought that we could rip music from our extensive CD collection and she could have tunes wherever we might go. The RIAA seems to disagree with me.

So now the RIAA is saying I can’t copy any of their products at all? Fair use is apprently defined by the copyright holder? Somehow, I thought this was already settled back in the dyas of cassette tapes and books.

Let me whip out my crystal ball and do some prognosticating. If they can get anybody at all to buy off on this horseshit, expect them to subpoena Apple for the customer registration data on every iPod ever sold. If they get Apple to cave, they’ll go after other manufacturers. Finally, they’ll sue everybody with an MP3 player. Whee! It's so much easier to threaten people with lawsuits than produce a product people want to buy, ain't it?

What a collection of befuddled asshats. Do they honestly think this is going to work? Too bad I’m not the judge, because they would be extra guilty of aggravated ignunce.


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