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I don’t get out into rural Texas much. While there’s quite a bit of it, it’s generally not where I prefer to be. Plantersville is about as far out into the woods as I’ll venture on any kind of regular basis. If sushi and exotic beer isn’t readily available, I start to get twitchy.

LawDog lives out in the North Texas boonies and has some helpful advice for travelers from those other, lesser states when they venture into Texas. An unspoken, but strongly implied, bit of advice is don’t mess with the Deputy Sheriff, but those of us that grew up in the South figured out that one a long time ago.

He also brings up a point that Tamara was discussing recently, and asks a valid question: if where you came from is so great, why don’t you go back? Me, I like Texas. That’s why I came back. I don’t like Virginia. I turned down a job offer when I graduated college to go back there. I honestly can’t think of too many other states I’d want to live in. I don’t want Texas to become some watered-down version of Virginia. That’s not why I moved here. One of the many reasons I moved here was that Texas does not have the great concentration of annoying busybodies that infest NoVA. I want Texas to be even less like most other states, if that’s possible.

Isn’t that one of the bonuses of federalism? The states get to work as little laboratories of democracy? Of course, some people are too dumb to understand the attitudes they bring with them are the problem, not the place they left.


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