I loathe the UN. I don’t need any more reasons to think poorly of it. Yet strangely, the reasons just keep coming. This week it’s yet another UN official arguing against free speech.

I have, in other places on the internet, argued that the UN needs to be abolished and something better needs to replace it. The happy progressive tranzis will argue about the UN being necessary and blah blah blah. I cannot fathom why anyone thinks that an organization which adds to the sum of human misery, is miserably corrupt, cannot ameliorate the problems it claims to address, and is almost completely ineffective in most areas should not be replaced. When the entire organization has become dysfunctional, reform is not the answer. (See also: BATFE, Depts. Of Homeland Security, Education, Health and Human Services) The answer is to scrape and rebuild.

Of course, the UN has a devoted following by useful idiots who think international law is something other than a polite fiction. Unfortunately, some of the idiots are judges in the US. I would think the oath required would require judges to cast a jaundiced eye on an organization that continually works to subvert constitutional rights, but perhaps that's just me. Some judges appear to be just fine with it.


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