Update on DeLay Contenders

Well a weekend has passed and they're crawling out of the woodwork, like effin' cockroaches. Here are the folks my sources are telling me are possible contenders for the CD22 Congressional Seat.

There are several who have announced that they are running and are already actively seeking the Congressional position:

Robert Talton – Pasadena Area State Representative.

Charlie Howard – Sugar Land Area State Representative.

Shelley Sekula-Gibbs – Houston City Councilwoman (we’ve been there already).

David Wallace – Mayor of Sugar Land. This guy didn't even let the body get cold, so to speak. This guy announced the day DeLay announced his resignation.

There are a few who have not announced they are running, but probably qualify as strong rumors:

Robert Eckels – Harris County Judge.

John Devine – Former District Judge who has led several unsuccessful bids for office, the latest being a State Representative seat.

Steve Stockman – Former Congressman elected in 1994 in the Galveston-Beaumont area. He lost his seat in 1996 to Nick Lampson.

Other names that have been mentioned with varying degrees of interest:

Brent Perry – Houston area lawyer who ran an unsuccessful Congressional race against Ken Bentsen about 10 years ago.

Andy Meyers – Fort Bend County Commissioner.

Rob Todd – Former Houston City Councilman.

Tom Campbell – Sugar Land lawyer who got trounced by DeLay in the March primary.

Kyle Janek – State Senator in the Southwest Houston/Galveston/Chambers/Jefferson County area.

Mike Jackson – State Senator in the Southeast Houston/Chambers County area. He's the State Senator for our District.

Michael Berry – Houston City Councilman.

Mark Ellis – Ran an unsuccessful campaign against Dan Patrick for a West Houston State Senate seat.

Termite Watkins – Former boxer/coach/Iraqi boxing coach something or other crazy who has delusions of grandeur and desperately aches for 15 more minutes of fame. He thinks he already had some, but I had never heard of him until he kept me on the phone one night for over 2 hours telling what a wonderful, famous guy he is. T discussed it here. He honestly believes that he needs to be up in high office somewhere, and that State Senate just wasn’t prestigious enough for him. At the time I spoke with him I asked him if he was serious enough to mount a campaign against the House Majority Leader. This guy is quite averse to simple logic. He’s listed as a maybe, but he’ll run. His ego is just that huge.

Joe Nixon – State representative in South/Southwest Houston.

Michael Franks – Ran an unsuccessful race for State Representative against Glenn Hegar, whose district encompasses Waller and Wharton counties.

Lynden Rose – Houston area attorney and former UH Basketball player who was recently appointed to the UH Board of Regents.

Geraldine Sam – Former LaMarque Kindergarten teacher who ran unsuccessfully as a Democrat against Steve Stockman and Nick Lampson for Congress in 1996. She apparently now teaches first grade and switched to the Republican party, serving as a National Alternative Delegate to the National Convention in 2004.

Rumor has it that the most popular Republican in Harris County, Tax Assessor-Collector, Paul Bettencourt announced on the radio on Friday that he is not running.


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