CD22 Candidate Questionnaire & Update

The CD 22 candidate interviews will occur this week. The written questionnaire is published here on the Harris County Republican Party Website. Below are the status of candidates, effective today.

Probably in (not all have formally announced): Tom Campbell, Charlie Howard, Mike Jackson, Andy Meyers, Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, Robert Talton, Tim Turner, David Wallace, and Brad Wright.

All of the above, except for Tom Campbell and David Wallace have scheduled appointments for the Harris County CD 22 candidate interview session. I'm not surprised about Campbell because he has been pretty out in the open about being against this entire process.

Definitely Out: Michael Berry, Paul Bettencourt, Kevin Corcoran, John Devine, Robert Eckels, Mark Ellis, Kyle Janek, M.J. Khan, Roy Morales, Joe Nixon, Chris Peden, Brent Perry, Lynden Rose, and Rob Todd.

Still Considering the Seat: Michael Franks, Mark Henry, J.J. Paul, Don Richardson, Geraldine Sam, Steve Stockman, Larry Taylor, Eric Thode, and Termite Watkins.

More will be forthcoming as I get the information.


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