Meeting Regarding the CD 22 Questionnaire for Candidates

We finished the candidate questionnaire for the CD 22 seat last night. I didn't go to the first meeting where they did the first draft because I am thinking at this point the original e-mails ended up in my bulk box, but I was there last night, and I made them rewrite about 1/3 of it because the "establishment" folks had kind of softened the questions a little, and there wasn't anyone at the first meeting with a strong enough non-establishment conservative voice to argue for the hardening of the list. What happens at these deals is that people get bogged in their pet issue (there are a lot of "one issue wonders" at these things), then people start debating off the topic at hand, and then the more establishment types "move on"...and get everything worded exactly how they want. Well last night, that just didn't happen.

I introduced questions like:
Do you believe that the 2nd amendment is a individual right to keep and bear arms?
Will you vote to support right to carry reciprocity legislation?
Would you vote to eliminate the IRS?
Will you vote to support a balanced budget amendment?
Do you support zero-based budgeting?
Would you vote to maintain the current "catch & release" program for illegal immigrants?
Would you vote to evict the UN from the US and eliminate any further participation in the UN?
Will you vote to eliminate automatic citizenship to children born of illegal alien parents?

Seriously...this stuff wasn't in there before...most was good, but just lacking...just softball. By the middle of the thing people would just turn around as they were going over each section and look at me with big smiles, knowing I was going to throw something in that would make someone squirm. At the end, I was like, "yes, I am guilty of being a disgruntled conservative." I got several amens to that. When the meeting was over, everyone in the room except for 1 person came up to me and was like, "I'm sure glad you made it tonight..." The one person who didn't give me the "atta girl" was the establishment person, the original formulator of the softball questions. Odd how that happens.


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