Mission Impossible 3 Tix: They can't give 'em away

Here's another amusing Tribecca Film Festival story from my pal in NYC. Mission Impossible 3 was showing last night and Tribecca gave out 900 free tickets. Apparently only 550 people showed up to take their seats. So, because this is a "big blockbuster" movie, and the vertically challenged and certifiably insane Mr. Cruise was actually in attendance, the folks at Tribecca, in a desperate attempt to fill seats, took to the streets asking random passers by if they'd like to come in and see a free movie. They got no takers. My friend was told by everyone she asked, "No way, Tom Cruise is nuts." I hope the MI3 people are prepared for a giant theatrical flop. The shark that Cruise jumped is finally fading into the distance.


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