Notes from the CD22 Republican Candidates Forum

Well Saturday was the Harris County CD22 Candidate forum. Remember, as Tom DeLay has not officially been declared ineligible, all of these events are completely unofficial. I have to say, however, the process has begun to get ugly, despite the fact that we're all supposed to be on the same team.

Some group is running ads on 950 AM against the way the process is going, which is according to long established rules, by the way. I have to guess that campaign is being paid for by Tom Campbell because he has been the most outspoken advocate against the process. After this weekend, I have come to the conclusion that he believes that since he was on the ballot in March, that he should've taken the beauty queen role of "the first runner up becomes Miss CD22 if the winner becomes unable to serve." The problem is, that he got trounced in the primary, came off as a bit of a dolt on Saturday, and couldn't beat Lampson in November if Lampson got on a plane tomorrow and went to France until December.

On the internals of the process, some of the precinct chairs have politicked themselves into offensiveness, appointing themselves as some type of official spokespeople. One person in particular is talking to the media and posting on bulletin boards. Problem with this one is that while she works hard, she's really not smart or articulate enough to not sound bad and make the process sound worse. In short, people are acting like spoiled children. There is more drama than I would care to see at this point in the process; however, I have to believe that the vast majority of folks seem to be behaving like adults.

All that said, let's get to the important part of this. If I had to pick in terms of sheer performance on Saturday, I would go with the candidates in the following order:

1. Charlie Howard
2. Robert Talton
3. Shelly Sekula-Gibbs
4. Mike Jackson
(Gibbs & Jackson could really be a tie)
5. Tom Campbell
6. Andy Meyers
7. Tim Turner

David Wallace & Brad Wright made appointments but didn't show up, so I'm not considering either of them. Actually, I don't think I will consider anyone who hadn't already gotten their crap together enough to be prepared for this particular event. I can't commit to saying for sure that I definitely won't, but I don't think I will. This is going to be a sprint campaign and people will have to be ready.

Now, remember, gentle YPS readers, the above ranking is based upon Saturday' performance alone. Here are my candidate choices in rank order based on all factors. This is how I will position myself within the caucus, take this as if we were voting tomorrow.

1. Charlie Howard - I had never met or had any contact with Mr. Howard, but he really knocked my socks off on Saturday. I was really impressed with him. I had previously looked up his voting record in the State House and he puts his vote in the right place too. His questionnaire was spot on, his background is impressive and he is solid. There is a difference between a party conservative and a true conservative. You can learn which you have just by listening to them. Trust me folks, Howard is a true conservative. He's wow and ready.

2. Mike Jackson - This is the individual I went in favoring. Saturday he was very flat, uninspiring and unprepared. He acknowledged that his work in the Senate over the special session really didn't give him time to "brush up" on federal issues; however, I'm thinking that if you don't know where you stand on most of these issues by now, you deserve the job you have, and not much more. Both Talton and Howard are also in special session and gave much more solid presentations. Honestly, I am afraid that Lampson might out shine him in a debate if he can't get his crap together.. He stays my second choice, however, because I know that he's a good conservative and will vote the right way.

3. Robert Talton - I could not place Talton as my #1 or 2 for personal reasons, although he would keep a fairly solid conservative voting record. He put his friends ahead of principle once regarding a purely non-politics issue, and I can't put my trust in anyone who might have a shot at becoming "friends" with Sheila Jackson Lee or Nancy Pelosi. Plus, he makes me nervous because he stated that he doesn't support zero-based budgeting.

4. Shelly Sekula-Gibbs - I post the most about her because it seems as if she has positioned herself the most strongly amongst the precinct chairs. Or maybe her contingent is the most outspoken/annoying. Gibbs was very energetic and charismatic, but I still hold that she doesn't have the temperament for this office. She was almost too immature/girly. I didn't like in her opening statement on Saturday, how she evoked the memory of her late husband (who was a local news anchor/celebrity). As previously posted by me, she didn't take on her married name until she started running for office, so it comes off as sheer opportunism. Her worst habit, however is that nobody likes to be told how much "smarter I am than you". And she just keeps doing that, it is very condescending. She says things like "well you probably don't know this because you're not a doctor." It might be cool in Clear Lake, but that crap isn't going to fly with the industrial guys in the area where we live because it is very blue collar. Plus, quite simply, she's a "nanny stater". She actually bragged because she was the force behind the "no smoking in Houston restaurants" ordinance. Now, don't get me wrong, I quit smoking about 3 years ago and don't like it much, but I can't get behind anyone who will tell a private property/business owner how he or she can conduct his or her business. It all comes back to that "I'm smarter than you and I know what's best for you mentality". Thank you, Hillary Clinton. Further, she can't seem to get a grip on any issue outside the health care/medical side of it because of her royal doctorness, I guess. Her questionnaire answers were strong, but when she provided additional comments, she killed herself. We deserve more than her; she's too liberal.

And such is my assessment. The remainder of the pack aren't worth mentioning, in my opinion. Bless their hearts. They were outclassed, either too emotional or unprepared, and just not suitable for this particular office.


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