Ignorance Can Be Blissful

Somebody, for reasons entirely obscure to me, felt it was worth their time to interview Dennis Kucinich (D-Fatuous), yet another in a long line of donk failures. Putting aside the oddity of why anyone thinks he's relevant outside his district, I'll confess I have some fondness for the man. I think he's wrong on almost every issue, but his undoubtedly sincere about the goofier thinsg he believes and espouses. The goofy sincerity is, in a weird way, somewhat charming. He's like your harmless old crazy uncle babbling about flouridation in the water and the communist plot to infiltrate the local school board. Nuts, but funny and mostly harmless. Of course, just like your crazy uncle, you don't want Dennis in a position where he has any real authority.

Anyhow, Dennis makes the bizarre comment below in response to a question about his dietary habits:
I've been a vegan for about 12 years, but let me tell you, there's a place in Oregon that sells kielbasa made out of tofu and texturized protein. And they sell tofurkey too, so it's amazing what's possible when you determine to take a new direction in your diet. I wouldn't have believed it until I saw it but they do make kielbasa out of something other than what standard kielbasa is made of. You know how they say, Don't ever ask how laws or sausages are made? Well, I can attest to the wisdom of that with the exception of kielbasa made with tofu.
I can honestly say the process, nay, the very idea, of making kielbasa with tofu is probably far more frightening to me than either sausage making or the legislature. Tofu and texturized protein? There's something viscerally wrong here. I'm gonna go roast a chicken and try to forget that things like tofurkey and kielbasa with no meat exist.


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