Aramark Blows

Let’s just state for the record that I think, in general, Aramark would have problems selling ice water at the concession stand in Hell. Saturday’s trip to Reliant Arena for the My Chemical Romance show did nothing to cure me of that impression. The t-shirt stand was staffed by 4 people who moved at half the speed of smell. I’ve seen stoned hippies run concessions better than the Aramark people were Saturday night.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also have Aramark at my university. I was off sick last week with a nasty virus. I went the doctor and got all the paperwork that I thought that I needed. When I came to work this week I was written up cause I was out sick. I got punished casue I was sick. The fact that I was sick is bad , the fact that I will miss a week's worth of pay is bad; but to punish me cause I was sick is atrocious.

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