Sir Elton Gets Bitchy

J forwarded me a lovely news item about Elton John flapping his gums and making an ass out of himself. The most hilarious part of the whole thing is where he makes the incredible assertion

In the early Seventies there were at least ten albums released every week that were fantastic. Now you’re lucky to find ten albums a year of that quality. And there are more albums released each week now than there were then.

Okay, so by his math in any given year in the early 70s, 520 albums were released "that were fantastic". I call bullshit. Even assuming only 3 years, say '71-'73, had that kind of output that's still 1560 albums. I believe it's vaguely possibly 1560 albums released in that entire decade might hold up as being quality works, but I wouldn't bet much on it. 520 in any given year? I'll take that bet, Sir Elton. Because of this awful internet, I can go back and look and see what kind of dreck was popular in the early 70s. Fantastic? Homo, please.

I’ll give you the shorter version of his thinking: You kids today with your internet and crappy music and funny clothes! Get off my lawn and turn that crap down and shut off that internet!

He's bitter because his latest albums aren't selling because they're not any good. The obvious solution would be to make better albums. However, that’s hard and may, unfortunately for him, be beyond his current capabilities. So instead he’ll slam everybody who is selling records as being talentless, and blame the record buying public and the intarwebs. That’s the spirit, Elton! Do not go gentle into that good night! Stay cantankerous and bitchy so people will remember you as a bitter old queen! Helluva way to burn up some of the goodwill people have for you based on the work you did when you were good.

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