Fred is running, Fred is running! I eagerly await the horrible YouTube video about Fred Thompson set to I’m Too Sexy. Or is it already out there? Surely, someone would have let me know about it if it did actually exist. I give two weeks at the outside before someone has made one. Links to the horror are appreciated, by the way.

I, of course, being tuned into the pulse of the nation knew beforehand because the Fred campaign sent J a sticker emblazoned Fred 08. This is why I feel free to refer to him by his first name only, like Cher or Madonna. On that note, imagine Fred Thompson appearing at an awards show in a Bob Mackie dress! An unpleasant mental image, isn’t it? The Emmy awards would be reeling in shock and horror. However, if he did that, he would almost definitely not win the Republican nomination for President. Cross-dressers are limited to positions within the Justice Department.

On a more serious note, I have to say: meh. He’s a mix of the good and the bad. He needs to flesh out the policy positions a tad more substantively. Even if he does, there’s no guarantee he’ll stick to his stated positions once in office. We saw that with the current president. However, so far he’s still ahead of al the leading donk candidates. Even if they change their positions, the positions won’t get any better. Speaking of positions, I hear through the grapevine the positions on display last night at the debate blew. Not having watched the debate, I can only refer you to my source.

Either way it goes, I suppose we’ll be faced with the eternal question in the fall.

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