Pink Pride

So, as it nears primary season, I note one man's quixotic attempt to hold forth Her Royal Pinkness as the exemplar of all that is good in the Republican Party in CD22. Good luck with that task, by the way. Given her fabulous behavior during her 51 days in office, I find it hard to believe she has much of a shot. As a side note, I see from the campaign site and the Christmas card she sent out that the Pepto pink suit seems to have been retired for the moment. Maybe somebody realized dressing up like a giant bottle of gastro-intestinal remedy isn't the image you want voters to associate with your campaign.

Who is running for CD22 at this point, anyways? She who must not be named, Olson, Talton, & Manlove are the declared candidates I'm aware of on the efenant side. I assume Nick Lampson wants to keep his job, although I really don't see that happening. I'm probably missing some, since the continuing CD22 debacle has brought out one of the biggest collections of bottom-feeders I've seen outside of a catfish farm. At this point, I have no real suggestions for your primary vote. If I had to pick from this dismal bunch, it'd probably be Manlove or Olson. Personal history prevents me from voting for Talton. We hashed out the failures of Her Royal Pinkness before, so I see no need to go over that again. Manlove seems reasonably competent and less obviously corrupt than most other Pasadena mayors. I don't know squat about him other than that. I know even less about Olson, except that his campaign mailers are easy to mock in the brief interval between mailbox and trash can.

Meh. Maybe somebody else will be on the ballot for the primary. If not, it may be a disheartening general election for the efenants among you.

Update: Dean Hrbacek is also running, for whatever that's worth.



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